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关键字: 数字化转型

收入促进研究所(Revenue Enablement Institute)的专家团队对一些领先的组织进行了研究,这些组织的商业模式转型加速了收入的增长。收入促进研究所认为成长型领导者(CXO)在21世纪商业模式的定义、促成和领导执行等方面都走在最前面。

收入促进研究所(Revenue Enablement Institute)的专家团队对一些领先的组织进行了研究,这些组织的商业模式转型加速了收入的增长。收入促进研究所认为成长型领导者(CXO)在21世纪商业模式的定义、促成和领导执行等方面都走在最前面。



Bill Borrelle, Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Pitney Bowes (Pitney Bowes)

必能宝公司(Pitney Bowes)高级副总裁兼首席营销官Bill Borrelle

Bill Borrelle is Senior Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Pitney Bowes. He leads a global, modern marketing organization that includes responsibility for digital selling channels for Pitney Bowes (PBI). Over the past 7 years, he’s been part of the team that has been working to transform Pitney Bowes from a mailing solutions company into to a growth business that offers market leading mailing, shipping, e-commerce logistics and financial services solutions.

Bill Borrelle是必能宝公司的高级副总裁兼首席营销官。他领导的公司是个全球性现代营销组织,他的职责包括必能宝公司(PBI)的数字销售渠道。在过去7年里,包括他在内的团队一直致力于将必能宝公司从一家邮件解决方案公司转型为提供市场领先的邮件、出货、电子商务物流和金融服务解决方案的成长型企业。

Below, I asked Bill to share how Marketing has been able to contribute to the transformation of Pitney Bowes in his role at CMO at Pitney Bowes.

笔者(下文的Stephen Diorio)日前访谈了 Borrelle。他分享了在担任必能宝公司CMO期间市场营销部门是如何为必能宝公司转型做出贡献的经验。

**Stephen Diorio:** Pitney Bowes has undergone a difficult but impressive transformation of all aspects of its business – from reinventing the go to market process to digital transformation and product innovation. What role has marketing leadership played in this transformation, and how have you worked with your peers in sales, service, and product to get where you are?

Stephen Diorio必能宝公司旗下业务的各个方面经历了艰难但令人印象深刻的转型……重塑进入市场的流程、数字转型和产品创新等。营销领导层在这个转型中发挥了什么作用,你又是如何与销售、服务和产品部门的同行合作取得现在的成绩呢?

**Bill Borrelle:** First, I want to remind everyone that transformation starts with leadership from the top. Our CEO Marc Lautenbach joined Pitney Bowes 8 years ago on a mission to turn a business in secular decline into a growth business. Marc provided the leadership the business needed to deliver more value to our clients – from launching digital channels, to championing go to market transformation, to investing in product innovation in mailing, shipping, and logistics markets. We’ve achieved revenue growth the last three years. And Marc has the entire organization focused on accelerating profitable revenue growth going forward. He empowered marketing to contribute to that growth by tasking us to build an outcome and growth-driven marketing team that included the remit of digital sales and service channel for our Sending Technology business as well as to improve the customer experience and better support our field and inside sales channels.

Bill Borrelle:首先,我想提醒大家,转型始于高层领导。我们的首席执行官Marc Lautenbach是8年前加入必能宝的,他的任务是将一个处于长期衰退的企业变成增长型企业。他提供了企业所需的领导力,为我们的客户提供了更多的价值,例如在启动数字渠道、倡导市场转型、邮件、航运和物流市场的产品创新投资等。我们在过去的3年里实现了收入增长。而且,首席执行官Lautenbach令整个组织专注加速未来的盈利性收入增长。他授权营销部门为增长做出贡献,责成我们建立一个以结果和增长为导向的营销团队,包括为我们的递送技术业务提供数字销售和服务渠道的任务、改善客户体验以及更好地支持我们的前线和内部销售渠道。

**Diorio:** Leadership from the top is critical to growth and transformation. How has your marketing team contributed to this growth journey?


**Bill Borrelle:** The three objectives that we had were to grow revenue in the digital channel which did not exist in its current form when we started, reduce our selling costs, and improve the customer experience – in particular, digital customer satisfaction which did not meet our standards. Growing revenue in the digital channel is accomplished through new sales, lease renewals, and selling supplies on pitneybowes.com. Today we sell the majority of our simpler transactions directly on the web. The second objective was cost reduction with a focus on reducing inbound service and support phone calls. We’ve been able to reduce inbound phone account servicing calls 55% (BB internal check: “by half”) by migrating those transactions to a digital sales and service channel – while achieving our third objective, which was to significantly improve the client experience. We knew our clients wanted to transact on the web, but we also knew that our experience on the web was inferior. Today, client satisfaction has never been higher on the web. Our digital customer satisfaction scores have risen to above 80%. It wasn’t easy. It was a long journey. And it took a lot of capital expenditures to improve our web infrastructure.

Bill Borrelle我们当时有三个目标,第一个目标是增加数字渠道的收入,我们开始的时候,数字渠道还不是现在的形式。减少我们的销售成本以及改善客户体验,特别是不符合我们标准的数字客户满意度。数字渠道收入增长的完成靠的是新的销售、续租和在pitneybowes.com上销售用品。今天,我们在网络上直接销售大部分较简单的交易。第二个目标是降低成本,重点是减少呼入服务和支持电话。将这些交易迁移到数字销售和服务渠道,因此我们能够将呼入电话的账户服务电话减少了55%,同时实现我们的第三个目标,即大幅改善客户体验。我们知道我们的客户希望在网络上进行交易,但我们当时也知道我们那时候在网络上的体验较差。时下客户在网络上的满意度特别高。我们的数字客户满意度得分上升到80%以上。不容易。是个漫长的旅程。花费了大量的资本支出,用于改善我们的网络基础架构。

As a byproduct of all this effort, we’ve been able to free up sales resources to focus on growth, higher potential market segments and most importantly, deepening our client relationships. Beyond offloading the sales and services of simple mailing products and small customer transactions to online channels, some of the bigger ways we’ve helped our partners in sales is by building Virtual Demo Studios that help them visualize and sell larger more physical products in remote sales calls, and better enabling them with social selling in social media channels, sales enablement, and rich customer insights that keep us focused on our clients.

所有这些努力还有些副产品,我们因此能够腾出销售资源,专注于增长及更有潜力的细分市场,最重要的副产品是加深了我们的客户关系。此外,简单的邮寄产品和小型客户交易的销售和服务转向在线渠道,而且我们在销售方面能够以更宏大的方式帮助我们的合作伙伴,我们构建了虚拟演示工作室(Virtual Demo Studios)帮助他们在远程销售电话方面实现可视化和扩大销售更多的实物产品,并能够更好地在社交媒体渠道里进行社交销售、销售授权以及专注于客户的丰富客户洞察力方面武装他们。

**Diorio:** Those are some pretty big changes to the go-to-market approach and a major shift in sales force focus, emphasis, and roles. How did you manage all that change?


**Bill Borrelle:** You are right. Along with my partners in field and phone sales, we had to refocus our teams on new products, transaction types, and stages of the customer journey to ensure we are creating channel efficiency and allocating the best-selling resource to the biggest opportunity.

Bill Borrelle你说的对。我们与前线及电话销售方面的伙伴一起必须将我们的团队重新聚焦新产品、交易类型和客户旅程的各个阶段,确保我们创造渠道效率,将最佳销售资源分配给最大的机会。

We’ve focused salespeople on more complex and valuable transactions because the simpler transactions - a client buying supplies, a single piece of equipment that they will install themselves, or a lease renewal – can happen online. We need our valuable sales team working on complex transactions like an enterprise client that spans many locations.


From an execution standpoint, segmentation and market sizing helped to understand the opportunity, and where to focus. For example, shipping clients will have more complex workflows, a greater mix of inbound and outbound volumes and bigger packages. We had to get more precise, and data driven to identify opportunities. We’re starting to use data and analytics to create a new type of “selling book”. We’re also using IoT data from our equipment to look at usage, volume, size of package, and industry to better value, segment, and align selling messages and channel assignments.


**Diorio:** Can you talk more about how you have been able to facilitate that level of teamwork, alignment, and common purpose across these channels? In particular, how have you adjusted your coverage model, incentives, and other elements of the sales architecture?


**Bill Borrelle:** To make this happen we’ve had to constantly optimize our coverage, territory assignments and incentives — particularly as we balance coverage and interactions between the digital sales and service channel and the call center. Given the rate of customer migration and behavior change, we are adjusting our assignments in those channels every 45 days to get the interplay and mix of interaction between the call center and the digital channel right. Managing all these updates to territories, sales goals and assignments using spreadsheets became cumbersome and slow, so we automated the update process.

Bill Borrelle为了做到这一点,我们只得不断优化我们的覆盖范围、区域分配和激励措施,特别是我们在平衡数字销售和服务渠道与呼叫中心之间的覆盖范围和互动时要这样做。由于客户迁移和行为变化速度的改变,我们每隔45天就要调整我们在这些渠道的任务,使得呼叫中心和数字渠道之间的互动关系和组合更加合理。要管理所有这些地区、销售目标和任务的更新,用电子表格就显得特别繁琐及缓慢,所以我们将更新过程进行了自动化。

We’ve had to adjust many other elements of our selling architecture as we evolve. As I mentioned, segmentation gets more and more sophisticated as we mine the steps of the customer journey, target different transaction types, and better understand the relationships of customer size, industry, and behavior to shipping volume and opportunity.


As a byproduct, we’ve had to refine the roles that different channels and people play in the process. For example, Customer Service Reps get involved in more complex transactions and our digital marketing teams are taking on more work “warming up” new leads and activating renewals later in the cycle. This needs to get translated to goals and incentives to motivate the teams to focus more attention on the right products (like shipping), activities, and goals.


**Diorio:** What about teamwork? How have you gotten salespeople, marketing specialists, and service reps aligned with the digital sales and service channel and working together as one revenue team?


**Bill Borrelle:** Now you’re asking a question about cultural change, something that we take pride in across Pitney Bowes. A big factor in accelerating growth has been our efforts to create better teamwork across the different roles. Some of the ways we’ve facilitated alignment are by creating common channel structures and systems . We’ve defined a common customer journey, common CRM platform, common channel assignments, common data infrastructure, and common incentives across these teams as best we can.

Bill Borrelle现在你在问关于文化上的变化问题,这是我们整个必能宝公司引以为豪的事情。加速增长的一个重要因素就是,我们努力在不同的角色之间建立更好的团队合作。我们通过创建共同的渠道结构和系统来促进一致性。我们定义了一个共同的客户旅程、共同的CRM平台、共同的渠道分配、共同的数据基础架构并尽可能对这些团队进行共同的激励。

Rules and policies can only get you so far. In many cases it really comes down to a 1:1 conversation with the owners of client relationships about how to best develop that opportunity.


**Diorio:** Can you talk more about the ways you are enabling the sales force with virtual selling tools, customer insights, and enablement technologies?


**Bill Borrelle:** One of the ways we are helping sales reps sell our equipment and solutions to customers is through our creation of a Virtual Demo Center that helps clients visualize how they will use our portfolio of SendTech shipping solutions in their businesses.

Bill Borrelle我们有不同的方法帮助销售经纪向客户销售我们的设备和解决方案,方法之一是通过我们创建的虚拟演示中心,该中心可以帮助客户直观地了解他们如何在自己的业务中使用我们的送递科技出货解决方案组合产品。

Using a virtual studio environment can be a game changer because it differentiates the client experience, helps clients visualize how large physical products will work in their environments, and helps sales reps be more effective selling remotely in the wake of the pandemic. Clients want to see, touch, and feel the equipment they are buying. They ask us to “bring together exactly what I am buying so I can see it in operation”.


So, we created a studio environment to support selling. It’s a large open space with lots of lights, cameras, and production support. We display all of our physical shipping technology equipment including large, medium, and desktop machines in different displays and configurations and use cases. As you move through the studio, you can see the equipment in action – finishing, folding, sealing, and shipping packages. We staff the studio with experts and demonstration staff, and sales reps can access it with their clients in virtual calls.


We are continuing to experiment with different platforms to refine and evolve our virtual selling approach to adapt to customer needs and continue to improve the selling experience. for example, we’re experimenting with different virtual whiteboarding technologies in consultative selling and developing augmented reality platforms to help clients experience what it is like to be in one of our ecommerce logistics fulfillment centers which are the backbone of our ecommerce and logistics business.


**Diorio:** What other ways have you been able to use digital technologies and advanced analytics to create more leverage for your revenue teams?


**Bill Borrelle:** Our digital selling infrastructure includes systems that help sales reps sell better in social channels, better utilize our selling content, and automate certain selling tasks. As much as I’ve talked about digital channels, we also have a responsibility to better enable field sales. Beyond the virtual demo center, the big ways we did that was by deploying new sales enablement content management technology, social selling, and call center automation. Our content management tool, Asset Central, houses all the content, case studies and demos that enable the field. We introduced social selling by giving LinkedIn Navigator licenses to field salespeople, and phone-based reps.

Bill Borrelle:我们的数字销售基础架构涵括了一些系统,可以帮助销售经纪在社交渠道里更好地销售、更好地利用我们的销售内容以及对某些销售任务进行自动化。我在谈数字渠道时谈到很多,我们也有责任实现更好的前线销售。除了虚拟演示中心以外,我们的一个大手笔是部署新的销售支持内容管理技术、社交销售和进行呼叫中心自动化。我们的内容管理工具“资产中心”(Asset Central)储存了所有的内容、案例研究和演示,用于支持前线工作。我们引入了社交销售,为前线销售人员和电话销售经纪提供了LinkedIn Navigator许可证。

**Diorio:** You’ve really executed on the core drivers underlying transformation of the commercial model – leadership from the top, teamwork across functions, incentives to create common purpose and using technology as a “force multiplier.” How do you plan to take your growth to the next level?


**Bill Borrelle:** I see data and insights as the next frontier for unlocking more growth and value for our customers. Our digital channels, devices, and marketing and sales technologies are generating new IoT of data we can leverage to sell better and improve the customer experience. We’ve got an assortment of initiatives under way to leverage new sources of data. We’ve recently partnered with a Customer Data Platform, Snowflake, to organize all that information about customers to inform better campaigns and customer actions. We’re starting to use conversational intelligence and NLP (Natural Language Processing) to mine our customer conversations for feedback to help customers onboard, solve their problems, and deliver better service. And we’re continuing to find ways to use technology to combine first party customer data from our digital channels with third party customer insights to develop richer signals of buying intent, churn, competitive activity and upsell opportunities for our sales teams.

Bill Borrelle我认为数据和洞察力是我们为客户释放更多增长和价值的下一个前沿阵地。我们的数字渠道、设备以及营销和销售技术正在生成新的数据物联网,我们可以利用这些数据进行更好的销售及改善客户体验。我们采取了各种措施利用这些新的数据来源。我们最近在与客户数据平台Snowflake开展合作,目的是组织所有关于客户的信息,力求得到更好的活动和客户行动信息。我们在开始利用对话智能和NLP(自然语言处理)挖掘客户对话的反馈,帮助客户的加入,解决他们的问题并提供更好的服务。我们在继续寻找利用科技的方法将来自我们数字渠道的第一方客户数据与第三方客户洞察力结合起来,为我们的销售团队在购买意向、流失率、竞争活动和追加销售机会方面开发更丰富的信号。



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